Your Role


THE PATH Financial Strategies welcomes the opportunity to help plan your pathway to financial security, but we cannot do it alone!

Financial planning is a two-way street, where we work together to seek maximizing the value of our relationship … and your portfolio.


Our Process

Get acquainted.

Contact us to arrange a meeting. 


Educate us about you.

Get to know us and allow us to get to know you. While we may anticipate many of your needs, we will not assume anything. Your open communication, candor, and trust are key.


Educate yourself.

Be inquisitive. Ask lots of questions. Don’t hesitate to ask for detailed explanations about recommendations and how certain plans may work. Remember, the only "dumb question" is the one that is not asked.


Make it a team effort.

Let’s work together. Listen carefully to our suggestions, but remember: all decisions are yours. Make sure you are comfortable with the plan, recommendations, and potential outcomes.


Review outcomes regularly.

With our fee-based consultations, we can meet as often as you want to review your financial plans, redirect your course, or consider new opportunities. THE PATH Financial Strategies doesn’t just solicit clients. Our goal is to successfully serve you and help guide your financial pathway for a lifetime.

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