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THE PATH Financial Strategies serves our community through volunteerism, mentoring and participation on leadership boards that are local to national in scope.



March 2015 - Angelia Z. Shay Profiles in Diversity Journal

Angie writes an article entitled: "Women’s History Month: Remembering the Struggle to be Heard."












December 2014 - Angelia Z Shay Richmond Family Magazine

Richmonder Enters New York Life Hall of Fame.


August 2014 - Angelia Z Shay Life & Health Advisor

Anigie is featured in this month's magazine.


October 2013 - Angelia Z Shay Appointed President of WIFS (Press Release)

In St. Louis at the WIFS National Conference, Angie was elected National President of Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) - the only national organization exclusively devoted to helping women succeed in both insurance and financial services.


September 2013 - Angelia Z Shay LifeHealthPRO Article

Angie is listed as one of the 20 women in insurance that you need to know.


August 2013 - Angelia Z Shay made her first TV debut

The early morning show called "Virginia this Morning," interviewed Angie, making it her first appearance on TV live.  Check out the link above to hear what Angie has to say about women in the financial world.


August 2013 - Angelia Z Shay New Appointment

Richmond Family Magazine writes a brief article concerning Angie's appointment to WIFS, a National Board.


August 2013 - Angelia Z Shay Decision Maker

On August 5, 2013, a brief article was placed in The Richmond Times Dispatch.  Check it out on the link above.


October 2012 – Angie Fritter Appointed President-Elect for WIFS

Angie began her term as President Elect and serves on the Corporate Partner Advisory Panel for the National Board for Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS), the only organization in the insurance and financial services industry exclusively devoted to supporting the careers of women to succeed in this industry. This appointment marks Angie's 4th term on the Board of Directors.


February 2012 – Angie Fritter Appointed Treasurer for Great Relationships Inc.

Angie was named to Great Relationship’s Board of Directors and serves as treasurer. This global, not-for-profit organization is dedicated to strengthening marital relationships. 







THE PATH Financial Strategies also provides financial education through speaking engagements and publications, including these magazine articles authored by Angelia Z. Shay (formerly Angelia Fritter):


July 2015 - "It Starts With a Budget" - Richmond Family Magazine

The bottom line for success in your financial house boils down to one word: budget. More specifically, know your monthly budget and the numbers that make it up....check it out!


May 2015 - "Pre-Tax Assets" - Richmond Family Magazine

The best offense is always a good defense, so make sure your financial planning includes some protective strategies with lasting impact – for yourself and your heirs.


April 2015 - "Living and Learning" - Richmond Family Magazine

The only thing that is certain in life is change, so having flexible financial plans and products matters.


March 2015 - "Top 6 Not-So-Smart Financial Moves" - Richmond Family Magazine

Angie writes about how to avoid common money mistakes.


February 2015 - "Tips for Single Parents" - Richmond Family Magazine

In this article, Angie writes about some helpful tips for single parents.


January 2015 - "Get a Smart Start" - Richmond Family Magazine

Staying on guard, changing ways of thinking, and sometimes not responding can help protect you from devious scams and negative consequences. Start your New Year safe and secure, versus sorry.


December 2014 - "What to Give the Grandkids" - Richmond Family Magazine

This Christmas maybe giving a "traditional" gift may not be the best gift.  Why not give a gift with long-term impact and long-term value?  Angie explains about three ideas that will transcend the season.


November 2014 - "Thankfully Realistic" - Richmond Family Magazine

How do you plan to spend money this Holiday Season?  Be realistic and see what you could do to prevent stress.


October 2014 - "Left Behind" - Richmond Family Magazine

Begin with the end in mind, planning so your beneficiaries truely benefit...


September 2014 - "Take a Closer Look at Cash Flow" - Richmond Family Magazine

Do your values match with the way you spend money?  Take a look at this article and see if you are able to learn a process that hopefully will align these two areas.


August 2014 - "Back-to-Budget Basics" - Richmond Family Magazine

Sometimes our children think that money grows on trees.  However, we know that it doesn't.  Check out this article on how to teach your children about money management.


July 2014 - "Your IRA, On a Roll" - Richmond Family Magazine

When changing jobs, something you should consider...


June 2014 - "Small Business Basics" - Richmond Family Magazine

Small businesses and home-based startups have this in common: the desire for success. Check it out to get some simple tips to follow.


May 2014 - "Your Child’s Future" - Richmond Family Magazine

TIme slips by fast when you look at the time that you have with your children.  This article, Angie shares some ways to financially prepare for your children’s future.


April 2014 - "Financial Risks" - Richmond Family Magazine

Risk is everywhere, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. With financial risks, some are obvious, others are hidden. The big question is, which financial risks should you avoid, insure, or assume?


March 2014 - "Women's Financial Fears" - Richmond Family Magazine

With March being Women's history month, Angie shares some common fears that women have and how they can overcome those fears to help create legacies, both perosnally and financially.


February 2014 - "The Inevitable" - Richmond Family Magazine

A good way of showing your love is by being prepared.


January 2014 - "Financial Kick Starts" - Richmond Family Magazine

Find out from Angie 5 little tips that could make a big difference.


November 2013 - "Disability Insurance" - Richmond Family Magazine

So how do you know which type of insurance to own?


September 2013 - "The Parent Talk" - Richmond Family Magazine

Conversations can be difficult at times, but consequences of not having them could be worse.


August 2013 - "The Strategic Plan" - Richmond Family Magazine

Having the right plan, may help with your family's finances.


July 2013- "Is Refinancing Right?" - Richmond Family Magazine

Consider Why, When, and How Much... The answers to these questions could let you figure out if refinancing is an option.


May 2013 – “Reining in Consumerism for Kids’ Sake” - Richmond Family Magazine

Financial self-control starts with parents, so perhaps it’s time for a self-audit of your family’s financial management?


April 2013 – “The Tax Man Cometh” - Richmond Family Magazine

Last-minute tips for tax day! Don’t just complete your current tax return; get organized for next year.


March 2013 – “Financing the Cost of College” - Richmond Family Magazine

Research options, read fine print, and think “out of the box” to fund your children’s college education.


February 2013 – “Life Insurance”- Richmond Family Magazine

Life insurance is the greatest love letter ever written … and an important tool for every financial plan.


January 2013 – “Team of Two” - Richmond Family Magazine

A good marriage and a strong financial foundation require hard work, communication skills, and ongoing adjustments. After a couple says “I do,” words like “I” and “you” should be replaced by phrases that embrace the essence of a strong team.


December 2012 – “Saving for Retirement”- Richmond Family Magazine

Young parents can deal with significant financial pressures: job insecurity, reduced home values, rising expenses, college education, and more. While these issues can max out financial resources, setting aside funds for retirement must be on their radar.


November 2012 – “Your Financial Buckets”- Richmond Family Magazine

Simplify your financial process with three-bucket concept: protection, wealth accumulation, and wealth distribution. All go together, yet each is individually important. Hope for the best, plan for the worst!


October 2012 – “No Pain, No Gain; Change Your Attitude”- Richmond Family Magazine

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no get-rich-quick method that lasts.


September 2012 – “Teens and Money”- Richmond Family Magazine

Consider these tips for money management with teens, including basic guidelines for teaching financial responsibility.


August 2012 – “College Students and Credit”- Richmond Family Magazine

When college approaches, some are overwhelmed with the jaw-dropping costs. What’s the best way to pay? Should you consider a loan? Should the college student get a credit card? And should there be limits?


July 2012 – “Kids and Money”- Richmond Family Magazine

When an allowance is given to children based on a child simply existing, an attitude of entitlement can develop with little concern for money or how it’s handled. What’s a parent to do?


June 2012 – “Retirement Planning”- Richmond Family Magazine

When planning your future, the only certainty is change, the only option is flexibility. This applies not only to life in general, but also to financial planning – including your retirement.


May 2012 – “Marital Finances”- Richmond Family Magazine

Are you and your spouse financial friends or foes? Explore marital finances and how to build a financially sound foundation.


April 2012 – “Budget, Budget, Budget”- Richmond Family Magazine

Angie’s inaugural article with Richmond Family Magazine focused on that dreaded word: BUDGET!




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